– BIO –

A highly recommended newcomer! Straight to the depths of the soul flirtatious sexy huge breasts long legs Korean 🇰🇷 goddess! The young heroine of the Korean drama has a royal sister style, cold and noble, exuding a charming charm that is irresistible! Flirtatious and enchanting fox eyes, long eyelashes, and soulful eyes, each eye inspires 100,000 volts of electricity! Her sexy charm really radiates from the inside out, and her innate flavor, so it’s really very provocative, born in bed! DD Huge breasts are very erect, and the bell boob is really heavy, no matter whether it’s used as a facial cleanser or burger sandwich for your sausage is very great! With a height of 170cm, her legs are long and straight, a unique advantage that makes her look like an artist’s sculpture! She has good skills and good service, so be sure to come and try this fresh flavor! Reservations are welcomed!

– INFO –

  • Name: Krystal
  • Language: Korean
  • Cup Size: DD
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 98 lbs



  • Full 30 mins (1 shot) $ 240
  • Full 45 mins (1 shot) $ 280
  • Full 60 mins (1 shot) $ 320
  • Full 90 mins (2 shots) $ 560


  • CIM + $ 40
  • MOSG + $ 80


FULL SERVICE: Full service includes:( one shot) fucking, bbbj, massage ,daty, 69, shower, digits etc.


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+1 2369792839

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+1 2369792839
Permanent Contact

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