– BIO –

Highly recommended! ! brand new! Elite contestant series, the flower of the shop, the proper K-pop girl group girl style~Korean🇰🇷Young ceiling pure girl! ! 100% TOP to the hot brand, guaranteed to satisfy you with the super good looks! Exquisite and beautiful facial features, watery dog’s charming electric eyes ~ delicate and straight little nose, and elastic pink pout lips! My brother, who likes childish innocence, will definitely get excited when he sees her! I focus on exercising my body every day, and I have a perfect S-shaped curve, without a trace of fat on my body, and my skin is firm, fair, translucent and moisturized! The sexy collarbone is very conspicuous~ The girl is definitely not a skinny girl, she feels soft and waxy when held in her arms, very elastic and soft! A pair of natural, plump and straight human breasts, very fall into your hands, innocent on the outside, coquettish on the inside, with a coquettish personality that you can hold in your arms and ravage! He is definitely a heaven-selected bed expert and a good bed partner. You are welcome to make an appointment in advance to grab a seat!

– INFO –

  • Name: Jennie
  • Language: Korean
  • Cup Size: D
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Weight: 99 lbs



  • Full 30 mins (1 shot) $ 260
  • Full 45 mins (1 shot) $ 300
  • Full 60 mins (1 shot) $ 350
  • Full 90 mins (2 shots) $ 600
  • DONGGUAN + $ 100


  • CIM + $ 40
  • RIM + $ 40
  • MOSG + $ 80


FULL SERVICE: Full service includes:( one shot) fucking, bbbj, massage ,daty, 69, shower, digits etc.



Dongguan combo includes: (2 shots), 1 shot cim,1 fucking, rimming, daty69,  dfk, cold hot water bbbj, bum pressure massage, boobs oil massage, shower, etc


To make an appointment, please use one of the following options.

English Text (SMS)
+1 2369792839

+1 2366682576

Permanent Contact

+1 2369792839
Permanent Contact

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By messaging us you confirm that you are at least 19 years of age and consent to two way messaging for the duration of the booking process.


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